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Mural photo series —
Romanesque Vaulted Groin Arches

Mural in Music Room of Private Residence Inspired by Coenaculum.

EagleTurtle Creative

Eagleturtle Creative & Atelier

Cementitious and Reconstituted-Stone sculptures from a Southern Artist in the Heartland — from Papercrete to Carthalite, of ArtDeco origin.

EagleTurtle Atelier and Eagleturtle CreativeSMare a business unit of Eaglecliff incorporated, a green building consulting firm in Wichita KS 67208 316.665.6977 [] using recycled materials to provide green architectural and sculptural enhancements for buildings, gardens, public, community, and private spaces.

Atelier is from the French, meaning artist's workroom.
Ecbatana AtelierTM is a signature line of art —display, decorative, and wearable— from EagleTurtle; Eagleturtle Yestermorrow AtelierTM is the line of creative designs produced from recycled materials.

Eagleturtle produces environmentally based garden art, architectural art, and sculpture works of cement stone and glass for gardens and common areas as well as homes.

Our specialties include faux surface treatments, such as imitation marble, wood grains, and plasters. We enhance surfaces using methods such as glazing, stenciling, gilding, and bronzing, and provide decorative painting techniques such as illusionistic murals, hand-painted furniture with an old-world flair, and trompe l'oeil. We also provide plaster work and decorative plaster repair; wood restoration and refinishing; green restorative design and consultation.

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Ecbatana Eagleturtle is creating environmentally based garden art, architectural art, and sculpture works of cement stone and glass for gardens and common areas as well as homes. Designs and works in progress will be available here soon. The artist uses recycled glass components for aggregate and as mosaic surfacing.

Nature-centric motifs in pottery and ceramic sculptures will be shown here as well.

"Although art cannot stem the tide of the wastestream to the landfill, it can contribute to universal awareness of the potential for viable diversion, and promote contributions to sustainability."     ~ecBatana

In addition to our flagship concrete sculptures, we are creating commercial decorative surfaces including components of ground glass, bottle-glass mosaics, reconstituted stone with glittering ground glass, and insets from crushed, tumbled, and/or fire-polished colored glass from local waste-stream sources.

EagleTurtle also offers ——

  • Custom artwork for all graphics art purposes — specializing in non-profit fundraisers & special events. We can provide imprinted Tee-shirts in various styles & colors, decorated ceramic cups & tile coasters.
  • Design, Writing, Art and Presentation for Marketing Communications, including brochures, specification sheets, slideshows, CD & DVD development for promotions and education. Our pruduction lines include brochures, flyers, calendars, postcards, notecards, and business & personal cards. Our full color printing is unbeatable, and can be provided with rapid turn-around times once art is approved.
  • A proprietary line of giftware with specialty themes, including


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including our graphics on US Postage Stamps.

Including poetry, pottery, graphic and fine arts by artist EcBatana EagleTurtle.

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We created a slideshow with island music promoting earth care for the PRoKansas Miller Recycling Center (see
The slideshow is very large, but plays well on broadband. Otherwise, you might want to download to play locally.

Download from the KCAE (Kansans Concerned About Environment) site :

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EagleTurtle Creative is a service of Eaglecliff Incorporated
556 N. Crestway, Wichita KS 67208 USA phone 1.316.681.8110

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